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Join Our Policy Institute & Social Justice Platform Focused on Equity for People Without Children

About New Legacy Institute (NLI)

NLI’s purpose is to influence and educate cultural and institutional leaders and policymakers to recognize people without children as whole beings with diverse, intersectional lives, who warrant inclusion, equity, accessibility, belonging and representation in all domains.

Join us in creating meaningful change for all people without children: our community.

The NLI Community is a professional membership space. Your contributions directly support our ability to host this community, and the work of the Institute. This is an opportunity for us to come together as a global, intersectional and intergenerational community, to affect change.
Whether you are an organization or individual, join us in co-creating initiatives to encourage the collective community of people without children to take meaningful action to lessen the impact of status quo culture and policy.
We aim to generate actionable accountability for change, in social, organizational and institutional policy environments, which currently perpetuate the invisibility and marginalization of our community, based solely on our reproductive identity.
We remain missing from nearly all media and policy narratives. No one is going to ensure our inclusion, equity, care and rights, except us, our collective community. It's time to tackle pronatalism culturally, legally and systemically. It's time to make change happen for people without children.
We are currently an unfunded, volunteer based, private organization. We offer free as neededpaid access to individuals, and a sliding scale of contributions for organizations who wish to support our aims, work with our global, interdisciplinary advisory team and align with our goals for a more equitable, inclusive world.
Please contact our founder, Christine J Erickson if you would like to know more about how you can contribute: [email protected]

Who are we?

New Legacy Institute is a globally focused organization, founded by Christine J. Erickson (she/her) and is supported by a team of interdisciplinary, intersectional volunteer advisors. 
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